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Leyli Azar

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  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: A'zam Sa'adatmand

About book:
"Leyli Azar" is the third poem collection of the young poet, Azam Saadatmand. This book was published in Shahrestan Adab Publication house two years ago and presented in Tehran's International book Fair. This book won one of the important literal prizes in Iran. In this book, the poet is trying to narrate the world with her feminine point of view. In this poem collection, we faced with historical and ancient themes many times.

About poet:
A'zam Sa'adatmand was born in 1979 in Qom. She studied Solid physics at university and she published three poem collections till now. Her books and poems were won prizes in literal festivals. Her last book is "leyli Azar" that was published in Shahrestan Adab Publication house.

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