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Leopard's dream

10 October 2018 13:59 | 0 Comments | Rate: 1 with 2 Vote
  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: Hadi Hakimian

About book:
Hadi Hakimian, the writer, is the narrator of Iran’s history. “Leopard's dream” is a teenager novel and related to the Qajar period. The main story of this novel is related to two teenagers that they got acquainted with a man named Mirza Reza and the revolutionary execution of Nasseredin Shah in Qajar period and the teen reader of this novel will be familiar with Mirza Reza and that historical period.


About author:
Hadi Hakimian, is a successful writer in the field of fiction and literature, "Leopard's dream" and "Borje ghahti" are the other works of this writer that they published in Shahrestan Adab publocation. Hakiman was born in 1948 in Yazd. He published several books that some of them won literal prizes in Iran.

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