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O' Brother, Borrow me your skull

10 October 2018 14:14 | 0 Comments | Rate: 1.75 with 28 Vote
  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: Morteza Karbalaei lu

About book:
This novels is about the war of Iran and Iraq and the main content of this novel is related to the one of the war operations of Iran. This was one of the successful novels.

The novel is a story of a group of Iranian divers in Iran and Iraq’s war that their task is identifying the area before operation. Their commander was martyred and they have some problems with their new commander. In this novel, a reader can discover that war is a prelude to self-development. The writer, Morteza Karbalaei Lu, shows the internal conflict of warriors that the result of this conflict leads to self-development.


About author:
Morteza Karbalaei Lu is an Iranian Writer that was born in 1977 in Tabriz. He is studying philosophy in Ph.D. He has several book in Literature. He published 5 short stories collection and 9 novels. He is living in Tehran these days and he is one of successful Iranian writers that won several literary prizes.

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