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Persimmon Garden

10 October 2018 19:09 | 0 Comments | Rate: 5 with 1 Vote
  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: Hadi Hakimian

About book:
The novel is the narrative of resignation and the exile of Reza Shah Pahlavi to abroad, when the country was occupied by the Aliens. At that time, the second Pahlavi traveled to Iran's cities, including Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, seaport Abbas with the royal family, and in this trip, they visited several teenagers. The writer, in "Persimmon Garden" novel, actually portrayed the failed character of a dictator. This novel is for teenagers and won several important literary prizes.


About author:
Hadi Hakimian, is a successful writer in the field of fiction and literature. He was born in 1968 in Yazd. He studied History at university and he had several fiction workshops. "Khabe palang" and "Borje ghahti" are the other works of this writer that they published in Shahrestan Adab publication house.

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