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The sad soul of a poet

10 October 2018 19:12 | 0 Comments | Rate: 1 with 1 Vote
  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: Seyed Reza Muhammadi

About book:
"The sad soul of a poet" is the newest poem collection of Seyed Reza Muhammadi that published in Shahrestan Adab publication house at 2018. This book contains twenty poems that their content is religious and they related to holy subjects like Shia's Imams. Besides, this collection narrates the pains that only a migrant can feel them. In Muhammadi’s poem, you can faced with the concerns of people that they are living in Afghanistan. The formats of poems are Sonnet, Masnavi, and Odes.


About poet:
Seyed Reza Muhammadi is from Afghanistan and was born in 1979. He is living in England now. He is one of the best Afghanistanian poets that his poems are famous abroad. His poems are in Persian. He won different international literary prizes. Also, when he lived in Iran he won literary prizes too. He published poem collection in Iran and his newest poem collection was published in Shahrestan Adab publication house at 2018.

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