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The Little Prisoner

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  • Shahrestanadab Publication
  • Author: Seyed Hassan Hsseini Arsajani

About book:
This novel is for teenagers. The story of novel is related to the period before the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The setting is a village and the hero is a teenager that wrote slogans against the Pahlavi government on the walls of village. The people of village are illiterate and only the teacher and the manager of school can read the slogans. After some conflicts and happenings, the hero teenager was arrested. The writer of this novel is Seyed Hassan Hsseini Arsajani and it was published in Shahrestan Adann publication.


 About author:
Seyed Hassan Hsseini Arsajani, an Iranian writer, was born in 1953 in Arsanjan of Shiraz. He is the writer of short stories and novels. He is also a good Calligrapher and Painter. His books welcomed widely and they are bestsellers. He has more than five novels and short story collections and he published two books in Shahrestan Adab Publication house. His books won several literary prizes in Iran.

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